Used Car Auction Sales

Auctions sales through Lease Japan are an excellent way to get the car you want for the price you need. What is an auto auction? Auto auctions are where car dealers and exporters in Japan make bids to buy cars wholesale. Every week tens of thousands of cars are sold at auction at many locations throughout Japan, and among them you will surely find almost any type of vehicle you can think of in any budget range.

How it works

When a car is submitted to the auction for sale it is inspected by the auction house, whose inspectors then add it to an online database of photos and information including:

  • Year of car
  • Engine size, condition, and mileage
  • Exterior condition (rating) and color
  • Interior condition (rating) and color
  • Shaken expiration date
  • Service history (accidents, maintenance, major repairs)

Once uploaded, members of the auction can search available cars and decide which they want to bid on during the auction.

Lease Japan Used Car Auction Sales

Lease Japan specializes in helping expats find cars that suit their needs while offering a level of service that exceeds their expectations. If you are looking for a reasonably priced, quality used car with low mileage the easiest way to find it is to let Lease Japan’s professionals find one for you amongst these auction cars.

In addition to the official inspection by the auction house, Lease Japan’s own inspectors will thoroughly check the car on the day of the auction, before submitting a bid. Our strict inspection process means you can buy with confidence, and all our sales come with:

  • High quality used cars with NO accident history.
  • All English language services
  • Assistance with registration and paperwork
  • Assistance with car insurance
  • Your car delivered to your door

Request Information

If you are interested in purchasing a used car from the auction, please use the contact form below.  An agent will be in touch to help you.